Monday, February 9, 2009

An Open Letter to the Suleman Family

Dear Sulemans (or is it Suelmen?),

I know you are all very busy right now, what with caring for 14 children, and publicly feuding in the press, so I'll keep this short. Two words: family counseling. Two more: get some.

The fact that Nadya decided to have a litter of children, despite the fact she cannot afford them, or adequately care for them, is neither here nor there. These children are here now, and have to be cared for -- all 14 of them. Me making points about the moral ramifications of their births, or questioning if the doctors who created them were absent the day they taught ethics at medical school are neither here nor there. That goes for anyone else arguing those points right now. The important thing now is making sure these children are cared for, and, for better or for worse, you are the people who will be caring for them. And it's pretty clear that you are all batshit crazy.

Do you not know how to have conversations when reporters are not present? Nadya, you told your side of the story to NBC, claiming that you have never taken anything from anyone, and although there have been times you have "struggled," you have done just fine. Angela, you gave your interview to ABC, and basically called Nadya a pathological liar, claiming she lives in squalor that you have to pay for. You even showed them the inside of your house to prove it.

You couldn't have at least talked to the same network?

Please, for the sake of the children, start working together, and stop trying to destroy each other publicly. Yes, Nadya, we know that you had an unhappy childhood, and that such a thing is rare in America. And, yes, Angela, we know that you have had to unfairly had to shoulder the burden of your daughter's breeding. However, none of that matters now. There are 14 children that someone has to care for. Nadya, you can't do it alone, even if you "finish your schooling." And Angela, we all know you aren't going to turn your back on your grandchildren now. So, why don't the two of you stop the fighting, actually talk to each other, and move on. After all, bickering does not get you sponsorship deals from Pampers...

Best of luck,



calicobebop said...

Two more words: basket case. Seriously those people need meds. Poor kids.

Anonymous said...

miss nadya suliman
so you finally have what you always
wanted,a big family.i think it be a good idea to move far away with your family.get your schooling maybe on line, and if i had a big family,i would make a book on parenting tactics & money saving ideas.

Anonymous said...

god bless you and all your children
who are we to judge anyone? take care