Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Luke in Love

My nephew is in love with my sister in law. Now, before you start thinking that this is some serious "Maury Povich" shit, let me tell you that they are not related by blood -- only by marriage through me and Ryan. Oh, and he's only five years old.

I don't know exactly when Luke (nephew) fell in love with Liz (sister in law). Actually, I don't even know when he became aware of her existence. I mean, she has been around since before he was born, meeting Luke for the first time while he was still taking up residence inside my sister. They have both attended numerous family gatherings, and he has never found her particularly alluring. Really, I don't think he noticed she was alive -- until she became a Mom. And then he was smitten.

Around the time that Liz gave birth to Kaedyn, Luke was just becoming aware of the fact that babies were born -- and that before that they grew inside their mothers. However, he would never admit that his feelings have anything to do with that baby. Instead, if you ask him, Luke will only say that he likes Liz because "she likes him." Oh, well, that makes sense. I mean, it isn't like there are any other people in his life who like him, or love him, or tell him how much they adore him every second of every day with every thought word and deed. No, instead he must seek out someone, anyone, who likes him. Even if he's only seen her three times since Kaedyn was born, and even if she has said a total of 10 words to him during those meetings.

I have to admit, I am a little jealous. Today he asked me to print off FIVE pictures of Liz from the computer. Oh, and not different pictures -- all the same one. He wanted that many so that he could always have one with him. Does he carry around any pictures of me? No. Has he ever asked for a picture of me to carry? No. Could I get him to carry around a picture of me if I promised him a rip to Toys R Us? Well, probably, but that's not the point.

I do have to say that Luke's adoration of Liz has some benefits. He is willing to practice his letters, because Z is the hardest for him, and he has to be able to write it in order to write her name. Of course, it is always a little bit of a blow when I see him start to write "Li" and know it won't be followed by a "bby," but I am slowly getting over it.

I can always be Kaedyn's favorite... That'll show Luke.


Amanda said...

I started to write his name last night and once I got the L down, he insisted that it be followed by -ibby.
He also no longer threatens to move to his Dad's house when ired by me, but move in with you. He and Ryan could knife fight for the ice cream.