Friday, May 16, 2008

Why I Do the Shopping...

Yesterday Ryan went over to Barnes and Noble to buy ONE book as a gift for a graduating senior. I should have known something was wrong when he was gone for more than an hour, but I have been known to occasionally get lost in a bookstore, so I wasn't going to worry. Then he walked in the door with these:

Yes, what was supposed to be a sedate gift buying excursion turned into a book orgy that Caligula would envy. Only, Caligula wouldn't want to read any of these books. They are all about philosophy, or debate, or ethics, or good teaching practices. Ryan could have least thrown a People magazine into the bag so that I could somewhat share in his excitement. I have to give him credit though that almost every book in the stack was marked down. That really must have been a blow for the author of this book:

Publisher: Your book isn't selling well. We're marking it down.
Author: But it's a good book with lots of worthwhile information for the current price.
Publisher: No, it isn't.
Author: Okay.

I bet the wouldn't have been marked down if it had been called "How to win every argument by talking people out of their pants." Now, that's a best seller.


Amanda said...

Don't tell Mom about that stack - or she wll be pouring over it with Ryan, like we used to do with an issue of Smash Hits.

Ellen said...

That is hilarious because Paul is the same way. He ALWAYS has to get something at Barnes and Noble. His other guilty pleasure is Costco. We CANNOT leave that place without Paul putting about 5 things into the cart that we DO NOT NEED! Urrgh.

Murphy Gilson said...

You... are... briliant.