Monday, April 28, 2008

A Very Personal Massager

I was in Walgreens this evening picking up a reaching tool for my Dad since he can't really bend down and pick anything up for the next few weeks. I mean, he could try, but he would probably end up on his back like a turtle, and in a lot of pain. I know when I take it to him tomorrow he'll pretend like he doesn't want it, and may even act annoyed that I would think he was so helpless, but I figure that even if he never uses it Luke and I will have fun pinching each other's butts from a distance.

While I was in the store, wandering the home health care aisles filled with raised toilet seats and designer canes, I came across the item below. It's marketed as a "personal massager." Is that what the kids are calling it these days? It even comes with the different attachments! I'm just glad I know where to get my next bachelorette party gift. And at only $9.99? The Blue Boutique better watch out -- Walgreens is nosing in on their turf.


Bethany said...

The first time I ever saw one of those at a Walgreens I just started giggling. Blue Boutique really should watch out. :-)