Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Day at the Farm

It has been a very long week, with very few highlights. One is that I got to go out to dinner with my girlfriends, which was a much needed stress bustes. There is just something about being those ladies that refreshes me and feeds my soul. Of course, the four bottles of wine and the amazing chocolate pudding we had may have had something to do with lifting my mood as well.

The other thing that I really enjoyed this week was a trip to the farm with Luke. We went to get rid of all of my healthy bread, and to see if any baby animals were roaming around the grounds displaying their
cuteness. The only babies to be seen were ducks and chicks, which are cute, but not as crazily adorable as say, a piglet. Still it was a good time, and I took some good pics.

Okay, they're pretty cute. You should have seen how the other
ducks ran over them to get to the bread. Totally steamrollered.

Loved the tractors, even though they were right next to the cow pastures
and the wind was blowing the pungent scent of manure right up our noses.

Pigs at a trough? Or free food in the news room?

Luke thought this was a playhouse -- until he saw the seat.