Thursday, December 13, 2007


Luke has a new favorite word. What. He says it after everything said to him, as if he just couldn't be bothered to pay attention the first time you spoke. And if he's really ignoring you he'll say it three or four times before finally comprehending what is being said. That is if you're not speaking about candy, or the toy store or something fun to do. Then he hears you loud and clear, even if you are whispering in a soundproof room seven miles away. Here is a typical exchange:

Me: Put on your shoes.
Luke: What?
Me: Your shoes, put them on.
Luke: What?
Me: Please put your shoes on.
Luke: (silence)
Me: Luke? Put on your shoes.
Luke: (silence)
Me: I know you can hear me. PUT ON YOUR SHOES!
Luke: What?

My head usually explodes around this time. What is really odd about Luke's new selective hearing is that he can always hear Ryan, and NO ONE can always hear Ryan. He is one of the quietest people alive. Mimes are louder. But Luke always hears anything he has to say, the first time he says it. Of course, when I speak, with a voice like a bull horn, he goes deaf.

The best is when I am with Luke and my Mother and my sister Mandy. My Mom and Mandy are both deaf in one ear. So, anything I say to anyone is greeted with "What." It gets to the point where I just repeat myself out of habit. Then when I get home I'm talking like a parrot.

I can only imagine what it will be like when Luke is a teenager. We won't be able to get his attention without fireworks and interpretive dance. Maybe I should practice on my Mom and sister now.


Amanda said...

Welcome to my world. I spend an inordinate amount of time repeating myself for that little dink, who has now picked up on the whole good ear/bad ear thing.

Emily-Ione said...

He did that with me when I was there... it was very much TV oriented however....
I thought however it was just me.