Monday, July 2, 2007

The coolest thing ever

So, Fox is about to release 'The Simpsons" movie. This almost makes upon for the fact that they are responsible for getting W elected twice. Almost. Fox has created a site where you can turn yourself into a Simpsons character.

Here are Ryan and myself:
Can't you just see Ryan worried about the future of the yum-yum fish while I worried about the Yum-yum juice in our drinks?


cate said...

That really is the coolest thing ever!

Amanda said...

I see a family portrait happening....

Emily-Ione said...

This may have made me the happiest woman ever. How sick is that?
I had a Simpsons wedding cake topper....
I think I have come full circle.

Murphy Gilson said...

Here are my demands:

1. More pictures of people, no matter how ugly, involved in pool porn.

2. The rest of the money video, or failing that, a video with you and Ryan re-enacting the event. The part of the monkey can be played by Ryan or one of your cats.

3. More postings of silly post-it notes on candy machines or otherwise.

Until these demands are met, I will not wear pants.