Friday, March 2, 2007


I am officially sick of snow.

I awoke this morning to find at least another three inches of the white stuff covering my deck and my yard. Sally didn't even want to go outside -- and she usually romps in the snow like a polar bear, only not as deadly. As I pushed her out the door this morning she looked at me with utter disdain. She walked four steps, peed on the deck and came back in. I think it was just to spite me.

Winter Freakin' Wonderland

Now, just like everyone else I was excited to see the first flakes fall at the start of winter. I enjoyed snuggling on the sofa as the storm went on outside. I went sledding, I even made a half-assed attempt at building a snowman, but enough is enough. Its just so white and cold and so wet and drippy. All of my winter clothes have lost their appeal. I have been reduced to wearing a black t-shirt and jeans every day because everything else just smacks of effort that I am not willing to make. My spring clothes hang their and mock me in their cute, colorful funitude (yeah, its a word, got a problem with that?). My sandals sit at the bottom of my closet looking forlorn as morning after morning I once again slip into my plain, brown closed toed shoes.

I am tired of wearing a coat. I am tired of digging my car out of a snow coma every morning. I am so tired of my socks being wet -- even inside shoes. And I am tired of covering the snow in the news. If people don't know how to handle it by now they should move.

Now, if you'll excuse me I am taking my hair dryer outside to clear a patch of grass for Sally.


Emily-Ione said...

Oh yes the joys of winter! I have about 16 inches of the lovely white meanace in my backyard today and it's still coming down.
I'd like it to stop now. I'd hate to have to break out the sled dogs to get to work on Sunday.

Tara said...

yeah - bummer about the snow. Went hiking today though - after brunch at the Ivy. It was 82, which would have been too hot, but it was nice and shady, so it was just right.